Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Many Faces of Insanity

Yes, yes...it's time for one more introduction to yet another of my WoW companions.

This is Totemmaster.

He's a shaman. He's also insane. But I love him.

Known as Andrew when he's not at the computer - which is rarely. Like me, I'm sure that even in real life he has learned to answer to his characters' names.
(I still get called Cord...and I still answer to it)

Another alternate junkie, I first met Totemmaster, or Tote, as I call him, on his sexy-beast rogue known as Oradis. I was just a young and impressionable warrior then....level 20 something I believe. We were introduced in a place known as Scarlet Monastery. A great place to earn gear and materials for advancement.

Oradis ruled the battlegrounds for ages at level 29, until one fateful night...when he leveled without wanting to. I can only imagine that he now terrorizes the Alliance at level 39.

I personally spent days on end farming a Gnome pit for a particular pair of leggings for Oradis - because it was essential that he have the best gear. The things I do ...honestly.

Anyway, Andrew also started a rogue to level to 70 with the strange name of Cuddlesworth. Nothing like being pwned (yes...I said pwned - cut me some slack) by someone with a name like that. Cuddles is now level 70 and terrorizing everything while mounted on his netherwing drake.

Cuddles and I tore up Outlands together. I was leveling a hunter at the time, known as Idun. We had great adventures...getting squashed by the fel reaver...bombing the crap out of things...good times, good times.

I have heard that there is a female warrior amongst his alts now...(I would like to say I had something to do with that...but I can't). She is probably just as crazy/ballsy/mouthy as the rest of Andrew's toons...and I wouldn't want it any other way.

Andrew is a great player, a fun guy to hang with, and a great friend...he's also an artist. Not just on the battlegrounds either...I mean a real-live artist!! How sweet is that?

Someday, I'm going back to Azeroth...because I miss hanging out with Tote and the gang. Not only that - he has all my money!


keshavan said...

Stupid tote has me leveling a rogue with him... That's what I need, another 70 in my crew.

Jenn said...

Hello Andrew ...... Nice to meet you!!!

sabrina said...

Hey I think I know that crazy tauren. Man that guy is annoying!! lol, jk!