Saturday, November 8, 2008


Checking the hockey schedule today, I see that my beloved NY Islanders are playing the Pittsburgh Penguins.


Bad enough they are on the bottom of the Eastern Conference and the entire NHL standings at the moment - but now they get to battle the Penguins and the mighty Crosby.

Would someone just shoot me, please?

Although the Isles have done poorly in the past, I believe that this year's early slump is a downward slide that seems unstoppable. Garth Snow (GM) and Scott Gordon (Head Coach) made some poor choices in the off-season; trading away some of the better depth players - I can only assume for financial reasons.

It's painful to watch them now.

The fact that they won the other night only makes me more frustrated as it gives me a spark of that will be quickly doused, I'm sure.

I'm actually torn as to whether I want to watch the game tonight or not. I probably won't - but will listen to it via the net. That way, I can take out my frustrations on some poor innocent Scrabble opponent.

Maybe I should join The Man and cheer for the Maple Leafs. Hahahaha...!

I'm depressed...but I'm not stupid.

At least the Isles have won 4 cups in a MY lifetime!!! the moment (and probably for the remainder of the season), the Islanders suck canal water. But at least they aren't the Maple Leafs. 1967, kids. That's the last time Lord Stanley's trophy made it to Toronto.

I feel better now.

November 9: We lost...surprise, surprise.


Jenn said...

Please, not not the Leafs .....

We will have the Pens game on here, never fear, the Pens aren't as great as they seem. To me, they have a hard time finishing anything this year. They have had way too many OT's so far.

Keep your toes crossed, I have been with my Sens (the Big O's). I still look at those sweaters and think that.

sabrina said...

LOL the title of this is my fav yet!