Thursday, November 6, 2008

Cereal Killer

I'm not much of a breakfast person.

More coffee.
That's breakfast.
(it's usually snack, lunch and often supper, too)

I have been trying harder of late to change my eating habits. When I do eat breakfast, it's normally something terribly good for me - like an Oh Henry bar or a handful of Oreos - along with the mandatory coffee, of course.

So, I bought a few different kinds of cereal the other day - variety being the key, so I've been told.
Special K, Corn Flakes, Harvest Crunch and Shreddies. There are Fruit Loops, but they aren't mine - they belong to The Man. I wouldn't dream of eating them anyway...they look like some kind of nightmarish mardi gras necklace exploded. Someday I'll tell you about my "Fruit Loops are the Food of the Antichrist" theory...but not now.

Anyway - coffee happily perking away, I armed myself with the required implements for a healthy breakfast; that being a bowl, a spoon and the milk jug. I looked into the pantry cupboard at my four cardboard-encased choices. They all looked equally unappealing. I grabbed the closest one to me. Shreddies. Diamond Shreddies at that. (don't even get me started...)

I turned the box on its side - "100% Whole Grain Wheat!". I turned it over to the French side of the box. "Blé Entier de Grain!"


Yup...that sounds delicious.

Oreos, anyone?


Jenn said...

Fudgee-o's ... now there is the breakfast of champions.

I like Shreddies, I think they are my favourite cardboard breakfast. (Diamond Shreddies .... lmao)

I need tea in the morning. Or a Pepsi. Pepsi and Fudgee-o's. Yum.

Wanna come over?

sabrina said...

"0v3rcl0ck yu0r BR3AKFA5T!!11!!"

Kaz wanted me to post that for him