Saturday, January 9, 2010

Temporary Cure for Boredom

It is said that idle hands are the devil's workshop.

I don't think of mine so much as a workshop but more
of a recreational center. I am far too lazy to live up to
the title of workshop.

Recently, a friend of mine sent me an interesting project
via facebook. Yes, may snicker all you like - I
was coerced into signing up for facebook.

Anyway, this project was just what I needed to alleviate
my boredom and have a few chuckles in the process.

Here is how it works:

Go to Wikipedia and hit Random Article
The title of that article is the name of your new band.

Go to Wikiquote and hit Random Page
Scan down to the last quote on the page. The last
three to five words of that quote become the title
of your first album.

Go to Flickr and click on Last 7 Days. The
third picture - no matter what it is - is your
album cover.

Use Photoshop or some other photo editing program
to put it all together and then you post it on facebook,
tag your friends with the picture and try to get them to
do the same.

Interesting, fun, and probably a lot better than most of the
bands out there.

Give it a try - let me know how it turns out.

You will find mine (Plan Z) and a good friend of mine's below -
just to give you an example.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Random Facts


Three months without a post.
Depression is a wonderful thing, is it not?

I have little to write about and even less to amuse
you with. So instead, I offer you random facts about myself.

First a useful fact - then something completely random.
(but all true)

Okay? Here we go.

I do not have a middle name.

Left to my own devices, I will usually read.

I am 40 years of age (41 in 2 weeks)

I have never been off the North American continent.

I am allergic to general anesthetic which classifies me as malignant hyperthermic.

I am nervous in large crowds of people.

I am married, but have no children.

Given my choice of how I want my steak prepared, I will normally say 'blue'.

I have one sibling - an older sister.

I look horrid in yellow, pink or purple.

I own more watches than all of my friends put together.

My baby toes do not touch the ground.

I've been married for 14 years.
(to the same man!!!)

I think bacon makes anything taste better.

I am owned by three cats.

I sing in the shower.

I prefer action movies to chick movies.

I am easily moved to tears.
(could be the reason for the fact above...I dunno)

I hold no firm religious beliefs save that organized religion and organized crime are the same thing...only one has better clothes.

I am terrified of spiders.

I am a caffeine addict.

I have never been able to get the hang of a yo-yo.


At least it's something.

Now I have to try to remember to update this thing more often.


Monday, October 12, 2009

No Harm, No Fowl

Today is Thanksgiving here in Canada.

Normally I would be cooking a turkey, baking pies,
preparing vegetables and all the other things that
go along with the holiday.

This year though - things are different. With The Man
out of work, and me working for less money and less
hours in retail, the coffers are pretty light around here.

Money spent on a big fancy turkey dinner are more
wisely left in the bank for things like hydro and the gas

It's sad - but I am determined not to let it get me down.

I have much to be thankful for - even if I do it over
hot dogs instead of turkey.

My family, my friends, my health and my home.
(well, my home for now at least)

I am also thankful for losing my former job. Sounds weird,
but it's true. I never realized how unhappy I was until I
was forced out of there. I miss my co-workers and friends
within the company, but I sure don't miss going into that
soul-sucking environment anymore.

But I digress.

Happiest of Thanksgiving to all my friends and family and
to those just passing by. May you also have much to be
thankful for.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Eenie, Meanie, Minie, Moron

There are times, I find, that I have to ponder the
intelligence of the general populace. Being a card-
carrying member of the human race, I believe I have
every right to question other members on their
outright stupidity.

This morning as I watched the news, I heard a story
about these two schmucks... some knuckle-dragging
morons, who decided it would be a hoot to sneak into
the Calgary Zoo after hours and get into the tiger cage.

Let's see.

Here are some interesting facts about tigers:

They are the largest member of the cat family;
an average adult male weighing in at a mere
660 pounds.

Tigers are fierce, carnivorous predators and are
very territorial.

They have powerfully built legs and shoulders,
giving them the ability to pull down prey substantially
heavier than themselves. (that's 660 lbs...remember?)

Their prey of choice is buffalo, wild boar and other mid
to large size mammals. When prey is scarce, they will
kill other large cats such as leopards. (jeez...!) There have
been documented cases of tigers killing a full sized

Tiger jaws can snap shut at 900 lbs/psi.
(holy sh*t!)

They have tremendously large, powerful paws- all
equipped with five razor-sharp retractable claws ranging
from 80 to 100 cm in length.

Tigers see in the dark. Very, very well.

Now, after relating all that, I have a few questions for the
above mentioned addle-pates:

1) how much did you have to drink before this
started to sound like a good idea?
2) do you understand that you are allowed to
say NO when someone dares you to do
something stupid?
3) what did you THINK was going to happen?
4) were you dropped on your heads as children?

Honestly, I think the gene pool is in serious need
of some heavy duty chlorine. I seriously wish
that the tiger had castrated these two oafs.

Had I been there, I'd have cheered the tiger on -
perhaps even going so far as to spray these mental
deficients with gravy or ketchup to make them
more appetizing.

Go, Tigers!

(click the pretty kitty for the story)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Humor Me

I was afforded a rare treat recently.

The Man downloaded a stand-up performance of
Billy Connolly the other night.
(completely legally, of course. ~cough, cough~)

It's title is 'Was It Something I Said' - and I highly
recommend it to anyone and everyone I know.

Connolly is truly one of the funniest men I have ever
seen. His humor is simple, effective and downright

He also shares some of my views on things like religion
and music.


Friday, August 28, 2009

Thyme and Punishment

Why does every slightly different occupation seem to have a
special-interest television program now? Are we really that
desperate for entertainment?

Ice Road Truckers, Cake Boss, Coffee House Kings, Loggers,
Deadliest Catch.

The list goes on and on...and on.

I'm waiting for the likes of:
Meter Maids - A Scooter, A Skirt and an Attitude;
or Pimp My Yard - Landscapers, Lawns and Lunacy.

Seriously - it is going to get that bad.

It's got to stop.

Although I don't watch a great deal of television anymore,
I do like a few of the newer crime and investigation series.
The Mentalist and Bones, for example.

So - I've come up with my own idea: Let's combine an
investigative series with a dumb catering/cooking show
and have:

♪♫ dum-ta-da-daaaah ♪♫

Law and Hors D'ouvres - Crime, Cops and Caviar.

Somebody call the Fox Network...I think I've got a hit.

Believe it or not, it really does say 'Crime, Punishment, Food'

And they said Latin wouldn't come in handy.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

It Ads Up

I know that recently I ranted on about a stupid commercial.

Commercials are necessary; I understand this.
How else are we as consumers going to learn the wonders of
the Sham-Wow, Kentucky Fried Chicken's mashed potatoes,
Microwavable milk shakes ('s true), and assorted other
products that we couldn't possibly live another moment

Personally, I don't mind commercials so long as they do not
insult my intelligence or assault me with irritating sounds,
infectious songs (Hotwire, you can go to Hell!) or just
plain banality.

Here is a commercial I saw not that long ago that I find not
only amusing, but very well done. Not only that, but it's for
the best beer on the planet.