Saturday, November 1, 2008

It All Adds Up

I play Scrabble.

A lot.

Competitive Scrabble, that is.

If you are looking for a friendly game, I am not your girl. I play to keep my mind occupied, my vocabulary honed, and the opportunity to be chastised and berated by strangers. What can I say? I'm a strange string bean.

Often, to amuse myself while waiting for my opponent to take their turn, I will look at words and mentally add up their point value. Not words on the board...just words in general. Words on the nearby newspaper(16 points) for example(18 points).

(15 points)

I was playing against some supposed wunderkind yesterday and was getting more than a little frustrated at his use of small words which clutter the board and box things in. A fine strategy near the end of the game, but a pain in the posterior in the opening few rounds.

Muttering to myself, I called him an asshole, which was unladylike, but it's not like he could hear me.

Then it hit me...!

Asshole: A (1) S(1) S(1) H(4) O(1) L(1) E(1) = 10 pts...!!!

How sweet is that???

I can now call anyone I want an asshole without being one myself. I just have to tell them they are a perfect 10! They think I've given them a compliment, and I get the smug self-satisfaction of cleverly insulting them.

I need a new hobby.

I guess I really am a 10...



Jenn said...

Hahaha...I am going to remember that ... A perfect 10.

I love Scrabble. I'd play with you, but I know how you are ... lol. And besides, I suck at it.

PS ... nice to see you back =P

keshavan said...


Broken Canary said...

I hate scrabble. Its not even a word!