Tuesday, January 20, 2009

White Lion, Eye of the Tiger, and Cher...Oh My!

The 80's...I grew up in them.

For better or worse, I was influenced
by the music and culture (reaganomics, just say no, etc)
of the Octogenarius decade.

Know anything about 80's music?

Prove it here.

Because it's...the eye of the tiger, it's the thrill of the fight - rising up to the challenge of your rival...

Incidentally, I scored 98 out of 100 and got all three
bonus questions correct. =)


keshavan said...

Reaganomics. Bad clothes.
Third worst decade of last century.

Jenn said...

Brown noser ..... lol

Jenn said...

I did the quiz. I got 41 and only answered 1 of the bonus questions. =P

z0ot said...

Your generation stuck mine with a motherload of cultural horrors (bradys! disco! plaid! roller skating!). -30% for being a yuppie.
5 point bonus for telling me where you saw this. Thanks!

Final Score: 46.65

(I hated the '80s. In the 1970s, ball caps were worn by truckers and special people. In the '80s, some idiot -- being an idiot -- thought a ball cap would look *good* on him. Two decades later, the lemmings are still wearing them.)