Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Un-Curmudgeoning

Some of you may have noticed the Grace in Small Things
badge on my sidebar.

If you've never heard of it - give it a clickola and check
it out.

I made a promise to a friend that I would do my best to
become more personable and not quite so curmudgeonly...
more 'approachable' was her term. Apparently I am a grumpy
so-and-so who hates everything and everyone. This just
isn't the case!

It's not that I don't like individuals - I have grown quite fond
of many. I just don't really care for people in general. But I
am going to attempt to better my opinion of the populace, and
perhaps the populace's perception of me. (yeah, right)

Don't get me wrong here. I have no intention of becoming a
sweetness-and-light kinda gal. That just isn't me. I also have
little to no interest in doing this every single day as one is
supposed to. That sounds too much like work for me. But every
once in a while, I'd like to share a few things from my life that
make me smile.

So it is with twinkling eye that I present my first Grace in Small Things
- or, the little things in my life that make it more livable.

1) My coffee maker.
It makes great coffee - and it has a timer. This makes my
life and anyone who has to deal with me in the morning's
life a whole lot easier. Trust me.

2) My mailman.
Most postal workers are overpaid putzes...but my mailman
actually takes the time to knock on my door when he has
a package delivery for me - rather than just dumping it
between my doors. I appreciate this to no end. He's also
rather good-looking, which is an added bonus.

3) Frosted windows on cold mornings.
There's just something awe-inspiring about the way frost
paints glass. At least there is before your husband wakes
up and etches pornographic doodles into it.

4) The inability to play my favourite game.
Haven't played World of Warcraft since the end of July -
and yet, I am still friends with all the people I became
close to through that game. If I haven't told you guys
and gals lately...I love you all.

5) My fuzzy socks.
Today, they don't even match. (unless you go by thickness)
The floors are cold - but my toes are cozy warm in my ultra-
fuzzy foot covers. Warm feet are of utmost importance on
days like these. Not only that, but if I shuffle along the floor,
I can create enough static to shock the cats - and that, my
friends, is entertainment you just can't buy.

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