Sunday, January 25, 2009

Snakes on a Plate

In the realm of food, I think everyone likes
something that their friends and relatives think
they are insane for. Personally, I like coarsely
ground black pepper on fresh strawberries...
Hey - don't knock it until you've tried it!

I like to think I am open-minded when it comes
to trying new foods. Some of them are wondrous
delights...others, not so much. But I do try them.
Well - most of them.

I have an allergy to shellfish and a lot of seafood,
which keeps many of the stranger things off my plate.
There is one thing, however, that has recently been brought
to my attention that I could probably eat - I just
can't bring myself to even try. I cannot wrap my head
around them, much less my tongue.

I'm talking about these:



I have a very close friend who says that eels
are incredibly delicious. To the best of my knowledge
he is completely sane - so I can only assume he is
serious when he says this.

Now, I'm all for delicious...but when delicious comes
in the guise of a slimy water snake, somewhere
something has gone awry. Perhaps that's why
nature made them look so terrible - so we wouldn't
learn of their deliciousness.
(wow, deliciousness actually IS a word!)

It seems, however, that eating eels is not new.
Whilst watching the news over morning coffee, I
was informed that new research has brought to light
the fact that Jesus and his Disciples were depicted
dining on eels and orange slices in the famous painting
of The Last Supper.

So much for bread and wine.

Can you imagine holy communion with eel and orange
slices? Would certainly give sunrise service a whole
new spin - especially if you were hungover!


I realize that the depiction of The Last Supper is strictly
Da Vinci's interpretation - but if the great master thought
that eels were good enough for Jesus, I guess the least I
can do is try them. If and when I do - I'll be sure to let
you know.

1 comment:

Jenn said...

Eel is ok. It isn't my favourite. I don't eat it often. I think I have eaten it twice. It is rather chewy. And it doesn't taste like chicken, to me, it had no flavour at all. Sort of like chewy air, only slimier.

Enjoy. =P