Thursday, January 29, 2009

Signs of Life

♪♫ I saw the sign..and it opened up my eyes, I saw the sign..♫♪

They're everywhere - you can't avoid them. They
tell you where to go, how far it is, how fast you can
go to get there. Then there are signs that tell you
where you can't go - and how much it will cost you
if you do. They tell us to stop, yield, keep left,
be cautious, merge, give emergency vehicles the
right of way and so on.

Still, we take these simple messengers for granted -
rarely even giving them a second glance. We know
what we're doing and where we're going...we don't
need a sign to tell us.

So, sometimes, special signs are required. Signs that
glow with pretty lights and warn us of danger. Signs that
we will pay attention to if for no other reason than they are
cool to look at. Signs like this one:

Then, along comes some genius (whom I would definitely
sleep with just for the sheer joy this brought me) who took
it one step further. By cleverly hacking into the computer
that programs said sign, he made it much more attention-
grabbing. Trust me when I tell you that reading this sign
will definitely save your life.

It may also cause a few fender benders as people not
only slam on their brakes, but do quick u-turns in
order to make sure they read it correctly.

Small price for such giggles.

read about it here


keshavan said...

God forbid the day comes when its Ice Zombies...

Natasha said...

If I ever read a sign that says Zombies Ahead I won't be doing a U-turn to read it again, I will be heading in the opposite direction :P

Jenn said...

Zombies!? Ack .....

Wait ... I have a few humans I could send their way.............