Monday, February 9, 2009

Sesame Street-walkers

There is a strange and frightening phenomenon around these
parts; one that makes me wonder if Jerry Springer is putting
something in our drinking water...

Out and about as I was this past weekend, I started noticing
young girls - nay - children dressed like hookers and pole
dancers. These girls could not have been more than nine,
possibly ten years of age. They weren't huddled together
like some pre-teen posse either. They were here and there,
some with parents, some not. Short skirts (like short!),
half-tops, makeup...hell, one of them even had CFM boots!!
(if ya gotta ask...ya don't need to know)

As a society, we are disgusted and appalled when any woman
gets sexually assaulted. No Means No and all that jazz...
BUT - what about all this false advertising going on? Especially
on frickin' children?!

Who is to blame for the way these kids are dressed? MTV...
Whatsherface Cyrus...Barbie?? NO.

Plain and simple.

My mother would have sent my head spinning from my shoulders
if I had attempted to leave the house looking even remotely
that slutty. And that would have applied until I was 17!

Now, that having been said, I did see one of these prosti-tots with
an adult woman - arguing about something the little tart wanted.
The woman was about my age - and dressed more or less like
the child - more cleavage, less makeup. Then I heard the
one word that made me shudder:
This was the child's GRANDMOTHER!

I guess apples really don't fall far from the tree.

yes...that is an actual Barbie(tm)
Black Canary Barbie

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Jenn said...


Kids are pretty wild these days...... lol.

Did I ever tell you about the kids in Megs class who got in trouble for "pole dancing" at recess?

Yeah ..... rednecks.