Tuesday, February 3, 2009


So, I survived my first day back at work.

A lot has changed since I've been away. There
are a lot of new faces, new policies, new stupidities.
It goes with the territory, I guess.

Sadly, one thing hasn't changed. The fact that even
though I am a manager and have come up through
the rank and file - I am only really known for one
thing there.


That's right...fudge.

I made the mistake of making a batch of fudge and
taking it in to work to share with my colleagues while
we were still in training. Suddenly I was inundated
with requests for fudge. 'It's my mom's birthday and she loves fudge!'...'Will you make me some fudge for my sister?'...'I love your fudge - will you make me some?'
and so on and so on.

One day I printed up a list of the kinds of fudge I can make
(17 in all) and what it would cost to make each variety and
gave it to a coworker who had asked for such a thing. Within
an hour, there must have been 50 copies of that list around
the building - and once again I was approached by people
asking for fudge.

Anyway...when I left work on medical leave, I guess people
went into fudge-withdrawal or something. Upon my return
to work yesterday, I was welcomed back warmly and asked
over and over again...'Do you still make fudge?'

Well...at least I'm remembered for something.

1 comment:

Jenn said...

At least it was a good day. Everyone has been in sugar withdrawal since you've been gone.

I missed you.