Wednesday, September 17, 2008

perfection times two

Thanks in part to my post about my nervousness, I found myself talking online (thank you googletalk) with my best friend Jen. As always, her words were insightful and helpful as she offered me affirmations and grounding exercises.

One thing in particular she said, and I quote:
"...always be willing .... willing to love, to receive and it will come to you. The most important thing right now ... is to heal. To ground and balance yourself. To learn to let go."

This pearl of wisdom brought something else to mind; Desiderata.

Desiderata was always my mother's favourite poem - and I learned to recite it from memory. Beautiful and inspiring in its simplicity, it offers advice and counsel without flowery words straining at rhyme.

I sat and recited it to myself...something I hadn't done aloud in years. As I did so, a wonderful idea formed in my mind.

Jen had sent me a truly perfect picture she had taken of her daughter, Meg. I had commented to Jen upon seeing it that it looked like it belonged on a calendar - so exquisite was it in shadow and light. Suddenly, I knew what that picture was for!

Behold the marriage of beautiful things!

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Jenn said...

I love how that just "fit" there. Like it was meant to be.