Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I've noticed that I am becoming more nervous.

I don't get much sleep lately, which could be part of the problem.

Also, I live on caffeine - which I'm sure doesn't really help matters. Caffeine isn't new to me or my diet - but I have been drinking a little more coffee than usual.

While I was doing the dishes this evening, my husband came up behind me and said something to me. I have no idea what he said, because I was too busy screaming.

I literally jumped about two feet in the air, and screamed like he'd poked me with a cattle prod!

Of course, his reaction to MY reaction was to clutch his chest and stagger backwards.

I swear that someday, the two of us are going to keel over that way. He's going to startle me so badly that I go straight up and break my head open on something, and he's going to be so frightened by my doing so that he will have a heart attack and collapse.

I honestly don't know what has gotten into me lately.

All I do know is that the slightest noise or movement that I'm not expecting can send me bolting like a terrified rabbit. Considering my current physical condition, this is not a good thing.

So what do I do? Give up caffeine?
Hahahaha...hahahaha....~wheeze~...hahahaaha.....no. Giving up oxygen would probably be easier for me...and less hazardous to others.

Get more sleep?
I suppose I could try.
But working graveyard shifts for a year and a half has kind of skewed my internal clock.

Take tranquilizers?
A good plan - but I really don't need another addiction at the moment...although I do have space for one now that I can no longer play WoW. ~sigh~

Anyway...any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Just be sure that you email them to me rather than showing up at my door when I'm not expecting visitors...the consequences could be dire for both parties.

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Jenn said...

I laughed so hard at this post. I know it isn't funny, feeling like that. But, I can see it all happening ... and I can't stop laughing.

I went through this not too long ago. Let me find the meditations that really helped me. Maybe they will help you too. Women tend to let the things they worry about manifest in a different way then men. You need to trust the universe. I know it is hard but it is necessity.

I don't think it is the caffeine. I don't drink coffee and still jumped at every single thing.

And ground yourself too. And a few simple affirmations. Just to get you started.