Thursday, September 25, 2008

Every door that closes opens a chat window



I have been forever banished from Azeroth thanks to my computer having some sort of embolism and not wanting to run the game anymore. No more does the mighty Orc Warrior, Cordyn - perched proudly on her indigo talbuk gallop through the streets of Orgrimmar shouting 'Reth! Reth! Reth!'.

After a year and a half of playing almost every day (sometimes for hours on end), it came as quite a shock. I suffered withdrawal symptoms and became the 'bitch from hell' according to my husband.

I realized after about three or four days that it wasn't the game I missed so much as the friends I had made through the game. Friendly guild chat, silly banter and just 'hanging out' with my friends. THAT was what I was missing.

Thanks to the wonders of Google Talk, my withdrawal pangs have been washed away.

I can now keep in touch with most of my WoW friends on a daily basis - joy and bliss!

Eventually, I will post about all my WoW friends - much to the dismay and boredom of all my non-WoW friends.

This particular post is about:


Although, I first knew him as Llort.

Llort was introduced to me through the all-powerful, all-wise, mighty and mystical priest known as His Grace, Drachma. [heretofor known as His Grace or HG]
(Drachma will be featured here another time, I hope)

Llort is a female troll shaman - and a kick-ass one at that. Why guys feel the need to play female characters is anyone's guess, and I choose not to think about it too much.

Anyway, I assisted Llort occasionally as he/she moved up in level and rank within our Guild (Facta non Verba). We became fast friends as he had a very quick and dry sense of humor, much like his benefactor, HG.

Once pushed from the game by forces beyond my understanding or control, Matt was one of the first people to get in touch with me. It was good to hear from a friend within the game. Someone who would keep me abreast of the goings on and whatnot.

Matt is currently in his first year of college studying Business, and smoking cigars. (don't ask)
We talk on an almost daily basis about many, books, movies, food, D&D, etc. It is amazing how well we get along considering Matt is eighteen - and I am older than dirt. He has incredible taste in music, and has introduced me to some new groups as well. He also shares my passion for stupid t-shirts.

I recently sent Matt a 'care package' seeing as he is living in residence as a starving college student. Nothing too weird, mind. Teddy Grahams, assorted candy bars, the aforementioned t-shirts, novels, condoms...the basics, ya know? What every college student needs.

It was Matt's idea that I write about him and how 'cool he is'. (that's a direct quote)

But he's right. He is cool. And so are all my other WoW friends. I hope to introduce you all to them soon.


Jenn said...

Hey Matt!! Nice to meet you ... Where is your blog?? (I am so nosey!)

Lynn, I can't imagine you were a bitch from hell ..... Ben had a suggestion for how to get you back there, I forget what it was though, I will have to ask him next time I talk to him.

Natasha said...

Woot Matt/Llort!!! Although I already knew how cool you were :P The world of warcraft community misses you Cordyn!!!