Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Wearing o' the Green

St. Patrick's Day...Faith and Begorah!! Let us all get
shitfaced drunk on green beer and do silly jigs like
overgrown hobbits on meth.

Surely this is the legacy the proud Irish
intended to pass along to the rest of the world.


Drink...get drunk...fall down...get back up...hit someone...
(preferably a stranger, but a friend will do)...drink some more.

And don't forget your silly fake accent! Jesus-Mary-n-the Saints, ya
canna' be heard speaking today without a rich Irish brogue!

Which brings me to this:

Someday, the Irish will kill us all in our sleep.
And we'll deserve it.

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lifeontheborderline said...

Fiddle-de-dee potatoes... Let's drink!