Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sliced and Diced

I was discussing hobbies and pass-times with a group
of people at work the other day.

Most of these people are fairly new to me, having been hired
while I was off on medical leave.

They are all younger than me by many years - most of them
being in their early twenties.

The conversation turned to Dungeons and Dragons.

When I suddenly chimed in with my love for D&D I was
met with looks that ranged from surprise to reverence.

Yes... I'm a dork.

I play Dungeons and Dragons and have for many many years.
And I still play with the same group of people that I started
playing with.

D&D is fun.
It's therapeutic as well.
For a few precious hours I can go from being middle-aged,
middle-management Lynn to ONYX, Ptahian Cleric/Psyonicist
with the power to heal, resurrect the dead, control minds, and
kill with a word.

There is no better way to release the frustrations of a long
(well, there is...but this is a pg rated blog)

I have found that if you play D&D with someone long enough,
you'll get to know who they really are.

No matter what class or alignment you play, your real self will
eventually shine through.

My main character is a cleric; a healer...a helper and protector.
Believe it or not, that's who I am.

I have many other characters I play, but Onyx, my cleric, is by
far my favorite and the easiest for me to play. She's also my
oldest character...the one I first began with.

D&D has changed so much over the years. Rules have changed,
new classes have evolved while others have disappeared all
together. But no matter how much it changes, the basic premise
will always be the same:

Become someone powerful.
Smite your enemies.
Take their stuff.

Who doesn't want to do that?

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Jenn said...

I haven't D&D'd for years....I wonder if I even remember how to play .......