Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fruit Ballad

I hate to do this so often, but I'm one of those people
who firmly believes that misery loves company.

Come...keep me company.
You know you want to.

If you are brave enough (and need a good laugh),
please click on the picture below to hear a song that
is cute, stupid, and terribly contagious.

Sing it to your friends...see how long they stay your friends.

Incidentally, this was introduced to me by a co-worker
who sings it everytime he passes me (which over the course
of my day amounts to about 20 times or more).

I love him...and hate him too.

(nothing but love, Giuseppi...nothing but love!)


Jenn said...


OMG ...... ~snort~

Put on the coffee ...........

lifeontheborderline said...