Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Who's That Girl?

Yes, it's another exciting episode of Meet the Horde.

Today, I introduce to you a very good friend. She is known to many, although no one can say for certain just how many characters this girl has.

An Alternate Toon addict, she is always trying something new - or, more truthfully, always looking for more bank space.

I am, of course, speaking of Aesdestina: (aka Aes/Nood or more rightly, Sabrina). Mighty and magestic blood-elf hunter, owner of the much-coveted spirit wolf.

Aesdestina and I got to know each other shortly after I joined my former guild - The Broken. She helped me out quite a bit with some of my quests and was always willing to offer advice and dungeon runs for much-needed gear.

When I formed Facta Non Verba with DD (another person I hope to introduce some day), Aes was the first to come over and take up residence with us. We were happy to have her as she had something neither DD or I did; leadership experience.

Sabrina has been playing WoW as long as anyone I know. Like me, she has played for both factions and prefers Horde. (like any person with a brain) She is an awesome player on all of her toons. She has many, as previously mentioned, but usually sticks to her Hunter, or her Warlock, Mirarose.

Aes taught me how to be a better warrior, how to be an effective hunter, and we even tore up a lot of evil trolls in Stranglethorn Vale when Mirarose was a lowbie and so was my priest. (yes, I was an alternate junkie too...)

When I gave up leadership of Facta, Aesdestina was the obvious choice for Guildmaster. She was almost always available, she was knowledgeable on most things, and she was always willing to lend a hand. She made a much better leader than I ever did, and Facta was better for it.

I keep in touch with Sabrina on an almost daily basis. She's a great friend and is always willing to chat about whatever. Her daughter is an endless source of amusement, and Sabrina often tells me of the joys and frustrations of being a mother.

Hanging out with Aes/Mira was always fun - and we usually just sat around talking or throwing copious snowballs around Orgrimmar. I miss that...but I am very pleased to still have Sabrina in my life, even if only in the 'real world'.

For your consideration, I give you Sabrina/Aesdestina/Mirarose


sabrina said...

Thx for writing about me, I feel honored! =) and just for the record, I wasn't a better gm, you were always their fav!

keshavan said...

I remember the process of getting that wolf... Craaazy stuff.

I didn't get to see Aes tame it though :(