Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Collecting My Thoughts

My best friend Jen recently posted on her blog about her collection of scissors. As an avid cross-stitcher, this seems like a fairly reasonable thing to collect.

Most of the people I know collect something. The Man collects hats. Not baseball caps, mind. Hats. Expensive ones. He also collects swords. My mother collected angels. Another friend of mine collects dragonflies, my aunt collects key chains...you get the idea. It seems that we all grow attached to some things and decide for some reason or other to collect them.

Personally, I collect a few different things. My house is filled with dragons. I have collected dragons and all things dragon-like for a long time. I also collect gargoyles, bats, turtles and run a wild-life game preserve for dust-bunnies...but that is more of a hobby.

The collection I am most known for though, is my collection of watches. I love watches. I have 72 watches - and it is not enough. I do not believe there is such a thing as too many watches.

Why watches, you ask? Well, one year for my birthday I was asked what I would like. I informed those that inquired that I would like a watch. On the day of my birthday, I received nine watches. I was thrilled - and an obsession was born.

Recently, I went through my watches to replace batteries in those that needed changing. Below, you will find pictures of said timepieces. This isn't quite half of my collection.

The Man says that my jewelry box (which stands just over 4 feet high) sounds like a nest of crickets. Of course, it doesn't help that my jewelry box is on his side of the room. (heh heh)



Jenn said...

My favourite one is still the lime green one with the green face. Love it. I love collecting things ....... *sigh*

keshavan said...

He collects swords? How badass!