Friday, October 17, 2008

Holier Than Thou

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Yes, welcome one and all to another exciting episode of Meet The Horde!!

Today, I introduce to you the often-mentioned Drachma. His Grace; Demi-god of the Undead, Priest of Prestige and Power, Hallowed Healer, Battle Ground Master and just plain good friend.

His Grace and I met way back waaay back when. I was a fairly new member of The Broken and was working my way through the hellish zone known as Arathi. I had to kill a rock giant known as Fozruk - and desperately needed help. Group quests are always a pain in the butt - and this one was no exception.

Drachma was the first to answer my plea for help from within the guild. Others came, including the guild master and his good lady wife - but to have a healer come to your aid without having to be cajoled is always a big bonus.

And thus, a friendship was born.

I have spent many sleepless nights questing, chatting and joking with His Grace. Wise beyond his years, he is more than quick-witted and keeps me on my bloody toes - and is far too ready to 'pun' me into submission should I step out of line. Drachma is also a cake aficionado...a big plus in my books.

Being an avid player, Drachma has many alternate characters including a kick-ass Tauren Druid named Xiphoss, Indubiously - a well-named Blood Elf Paladin, and a Hunter known as DNR, also of the Blood Elf race. I have had the distinct pleasure of questing and funning about with all of these characters. But of the many faces he wears, Drachma, the undead priest, will forever be my favourite.

I try to keep in touch with His Grace on a semi-regular basis. University student that he is, I don't like to disturb him too much for fear of interrupting his studies (or his endless pursuit of fame and glory on the battlegrounds.)

I offer my thanks to the greater powers who saw it fit to bless me with such a good friend, and thanks be to Googletalk for the ability to stay in the loop with him.

The Man.

The Legend.

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keshavan said...

Ho boy, getting stuff written about you is good for the ol' ego. Come back already! Its not as fun without you :D

By the way its Hallow's Eve time again lol