Thursday, July 30, 2009

It Ads Up

I know that recently I ranted on about a stupid commercial.

Commercials are necessary; I understand this.
How else are we as consumers going to learn the wonders of
the Sham-Wow, Kentucky Fried Chicken's mashed potatoes,
Microwavable milk shakes ('s true), and assorted other
products that we couldn't possibly live another moment

Personally, I don't mind commercials so long as they do not
insult my intelligence or assault me with irritating sounds,
infectious songs (Hotwire, you can go to Hell!) or just
plain banality.

Here is a commercial I saw not that long ago that I find not
only amusing, but very well done. Not only that, but it's for
the best beer on the planet.


Jenn said...

I really liked that .... lol. It made me laugh. I always feel guilty about lobster. I love it, but feel horrific when it has to die because of me ......

Andrew said...

Rofl that was awesome. made my day ty