Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dining in 'Style'

While watching TV this morning, I saw a television commercial
for Pizza Hut in which a family are blindfolded and then are
'taken to an Italian restaurant'.

We are supposed to believe that this 'family' is driven around for
a little while and then returned to their own home to be served
Pizza Hut's new Tuscani Restaurant-Style Pasta Selections.
Of course, they're all stunned to realize that they are in their
own home and eating take-out from a pizza joint.

I have several problems with this commercial.

One: I've had just about enough blindfolding in commercials.
If you want to impress me with someone wearing a blindfold,
it better come with a last cigarette and a firing squad.

Two: These people are returned to their own home.
How incredibly dense do you have to be to not even recognize the
sounds, smells and feel of your own abode?? They look shocked to
find themselves sitting at their own dining room table - same
uncomfortable chairs...same height to the table. These people are
frickin' morons.

Three: Tuscani Restaurant-Style Pasta selections. Hmmm...
Let's see here.
Restaurant-style dishes...FROM A RESTAURANT!!!! I should
freakin'-well hope so!!!

I hate commercials...I really do.

I was in a good mood earlier - now, I'm just pissed off.



Jenn said...

Hahahahaha ... I know!! This commercial has to be about the stupidest one I have seen in a long time. I, for one, couldn't figure out how they could NOT know it was their own home ....

Pizza Hut .. overpriced grease.


Andrew said...

I was actually blessed to see this one on my rare T.V. moments, and really, how stupid can a family be. I mean as soon as they got to the door, they shouldve known it was theyre house, and honestly, those pastas are garbage. If theyre gonna try to trick me into eating at this "amazing restaurant", they can atleast serve good food.