Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mustang Sally

I was checking out a few things that The Man had
downloaded on Bit Torrent recently.
(gasp!...illegal downloading..sshhhh!)

A few albums...an updated version of CorelDraw, and...porn.

I have no problem with porn - have been known to watch it
myself, actually. (it's funnier than most comedies these days)

What I found the most amusing however, were the names of some
of these 'porn stars'.

Becky Banger...Tiara Tantric...Lily Luscious...and the list goes on.

Besides the annoying alliteration, these names are just ridiculous.

Everyone knows the 'How to Find Your Porn Star Name' thing - why
don't they use that kind of thing? Incidentally, my porn star name
would be 'Baby Ruth'. How cool is that??

Then there's the comparison between porn stars and children's toys.

My Little Pony(tm) toys had some strange names...Ruby Lips, and
Lickety Split, for example. Sound like something you want your
five year old playing with? Me neither.

To further my point and also to entertain you somewhat, I offer
you a quiz: Porn Star or My Little Pony.

Good bucking luck.

(Click the pretty pony, baby)


Jenn said...

Heh ... Men......

I only got 6 out of 12. Does that mean I need to watch more porn or buy more toys?

Wait ... that doesn't sound right......

Anonymous said...

Brent Everett = greatest porn star of all time.