Friday, April 3, 2009

A Dedication

I cannot name the person to whom this is dedicated.

I wouldn't do that.

Not that I believe this person would read my blog - I
doubt they would take any interest.

As much as I am loathe to dedicate a song by one of my
favorite groups of all time to such an individual, it's lyrics
ring true - and everytime I have had to speak to this person,
these words go through my head over and over.

Brain-storming habit-forming
battle-warning weary
winsome actor spewing spineless chilling lines ---
the critics falling over to tell themselves he's boring
and really not an awful lot of fun.
Well who the hell can he be
when he's never had V.D.,
and he doesn't even sit on toilet seats?
Court-jesting, never-resting ---
he must be very cunning
to assume an air of dignity
and bless us all with his oratory prowess,
his lame-brained antics and his jumping in the air.
And every night his act's the same
and so it must be all a game of chess he's playing ---
``But you're wrong, Steve: you see, it's only solitaire.''

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