Thursday, December 4, 2008


Websters International Dictionary defines Emergency thusly: a sudden, urgent, usually unexpected occurrence or occasion requiring immediate action.

The Man did an ass-plant the other day in the parking lot outside of his place of employment. As amusing as that may have been to witness (I missed it - but heard about it), it left him with an incredibly sore hip and the inability to walk, sit or stand up without an accompanying 'Yeeeaaaarrrrrrrgghhhh' sound. He came home from work this morning at around 11:00 AM as he was no longer able to sit in his chair at his desk due to intense pain in his lower back.

Being employed by corporate slavers, leaving early requires a certificate from a doctor stating that you left to seek out medical attention. Without said certification, pay is docked and suspicion is roused - thus labeling one a 'liar' or 'layabout'. to the hospital emergency room we go for proof of medical consultation, and hopefully an x-ray or two.

That was at noon. It is now 6:55 PM - and I have come home to 1) let the cats in, 2) take medication and pick up my husband's meds to take back to him and 3) vent.

Seven freakin' hours...and he hasn't even seen a doctor yet!!!!!!

Free health care may be a wondrous thing where there are plenty of health care professionals - but holy-mother-of-cheese...! There are others in the emergency waiting room who had been there long before The Man and I arrived. They too are still sitting there...waiting.

There are doctors in the hospital - it's not like there aren't. However, the two doctors that are on call today are idiots and boobs and I wouldn't trust either of them to know a pimple from a pot hole. Still, all The Man needs is an x-ray and a note saying that he'd been there...and still, we wait.

I'm so angry...~grrrr~. No. Make that ~GRRRRRRRRRR~.

Many people came through the emergency room doors, took a quick look around and left. Smart. No doubt they drove the half hour to a neighbouring town such as Renfrew or Deep River to seek medical attention. Had I thought The Man could stand the drive, I'd have done the same.

Unfortunately, the Renfrew hospital and the Deep River health care service don't particularly care for people coming from out of town to frequent their hospitals because it throws off their statistics. Understandable - but so is the predicament of those of us subjected to the ridiculous wait times and incompetence of our own hospital staff.

Okay...enough of this.

I have to get back to The Man before he kills someone out of frustration. I also need eight more dollars for parking at that infernal hell hole. Don't even get me started on that...

If I am not jailed for inciting a riot, I will be back to finish this.

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Jenn said...

Did you come home to get a gun? Hospitals suck. All of them. I have yet to get into one quickly.

I hope he is better.

LYMY ....