Monday, May 25, 2009

Working Out


So, The Man is out of work...

It would be nice to say that he's taking the summer off
to enjoy the weather and take a little vacation - but the
fact of the matter is that he's lost his job.

My plans of a new computer system, a vacation of my own
and a little financial breathing space all came crashing down
around my feet last Thursday when he got his notice.

Fun, fun, fun...

Just when you think you're finally back on track, someone
changes the route.

Maybe it's time for a change in venue. There's really not much
around here in the way of gainful employment anymore. He's
too old to join the military (not to mention far too insubordinate)...
he can't speak French, so any government jobs are out - and he
would probably stab someone in the face if he worked in the
food service industry.

I'll be looking into putting my house on the market in the next
month or so, I guess.

Anyone want to buy a 112 year old house???


Jenn said...

Well ... I have been wondering where you were. I have missed you and thought of you often.

I am terribly sorry to hear of The Man losing his job. It is a terribly tough time out there right now. I love your house.

I wish I could do something for you other than send lots of love. Call me if you want to talk. Or just call me because you can .. that works too!!

LYMY xoxoxoxo

Retroskiff20 said...

=(. I know you already told me about this at work the other day, but it's still disappointing to read about.